Welcome to our website!

This is the central information hub for everyone interested in learning more about the EU Chamber and its mandate to be the common voice for European companies represented in South Africa.

Following an extensive consultation process with all stakeholder communities in 2013 and 2014, the EU Chamber was finally established in the beginning of 2015. Today, the EU Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Africa is registered as a NPC governed by a board of directors, each representing European bilateral Chambers of Commerce incorporated in South Africa.

Why a EU Chamber? The European Union has been recognised as a trusted trading and investment partner in Southern Africa for a long time. Today, the European Union not only represents 77% of FDI in South Africa with approx. 2,000 odd European companies actively trading, manufacturing and operating locally, but also nearly 500,000 direct and indirect jobs. As such, we need to have a coherent approach about the issues which are of concern to European businesses invested in the region.

In order to protect the transverse interests of all, we need federate the topics we want to defend. We have already tabled many issues with the South African government whilst we were getting ready over the last 18 months, and have been constructively and systematically expressing our concerns about fundamental issues and inhibitors to further economic growth and correspondingly, reduction of inequalities, such as the current investment promotion and protection framework, immigration, the amended Codes, and sub-standard goods amongst others. In addition, we have conducted  an investment climate survey interviewing nearly 200 European companies, small and large.

Our funding is based on member contributions and memberships, as well as assistance from EU member states and the EU Commission itself.