What are the benefits for Corporate Members?

  1. Visibility and Access: First and foremost, SA government, namely DTI and The Office of the Presidency, have acknowledged the lack of sufficiently streamlined investment procedures and frameworks. Hence, structures such as the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) and the Presidential Investment Advisory Council (PIAC) are currently in the process of being established to open direct access to all government stakeholders for strategic projects. Other examples include partnerships and envisaged initiatives related to B-BBEE scorecard, sub-standard goods, IP (with the Department of Science & Technology) and so forth. The EUCCIISA will represent European businesses in these committees.
  2. Exchange and Networks: The Board of the EUCCIISA, multinational corporates of all European member countries, the individual executive members and members of the senior advisory council means access to a variety of professional, political and community networks.
  3. Technical Expertise: EUCCIISA provides policy advocacy in order to identify business critical issues and concepts, effectively coordinate and facilitate subject matter and stakeholder groups and achieve business-relevant solutions, e.g. by:
  • Continuously reviewing legislation and policy affecting the EU business community;
  • Drafting of position papers, and negotiating amendments, improvements, where appropriate in consultation and interaction with the EUCCIISA’s Working Groups;
  • Government liaison (departments and ministerial);
  • Maintaining positive and productive relationships with all external stakeholders, i.e. government, parastatals, business advocacy bodies, and organised labour;
  • Parliamentary liaison;
  • Submissions and presentations to parliamentary portfolio committees;
  • Establishing, monitoring, and reviewing the evolving needs of the EU business community needs (e.g. through the EU Investment Surveys); and
  • Formulating strategy and action plans, where appropriate, to address those needs.

What are the advantages of a EU Chamber over local advocacy service providers?

The EUCCIISA is a not-for-profit entity that is uniquely accountable to European business interests, represented by its corporate members, the CoCs on the Board and the EU delegation in an advisory role. The Chamber is not affiliated with any political group. Its credibility as a business partner of government is based on technical competence, in-depth knowledge of the South African market, and a commitment to transformation.